Monday, November 21, 2011

Mushroom Spread

What should I say first?

Welcome back? I missed writing? I missed sharing...I miss being found...and being told
that you tried something I made and you liked it...

I decided not to say any of the above...I am here after one year plus some days...with all
what I was before....but also with the more that I have become...

I would like to do so many more things through that blog, but it is not time yet...
but I feel like being here, and if you do too then I am glad to welcome you!

I miss Finland...for the things I learned...for the things that made me forgot, for those
that it gave me to remember...for its cold...for its innocense, the cold crisp air that freezes
your warm breath on its way out...I miss the people that have entered my life there and
became part of it since, I miss being there, living there, but...

I have come to feel new things where I am now...found new people to meet, to know,
to laugh with and to love... and that is just life...with all the things it takes away and all the things it brings...with the torn aparts and makes one again...the take aways and gives plentiful in return...I have become to understand...that the reason I really like because of the people it reminds me of...the love I have been given...the love I have been shared with and the love I want to give nourish...what we want to nourish...we want to keep love...

So here I am telling you all these...and give you a simple food should be...
because its main purpose is to nourish, to show to someone you love them...

What you need:

Mushrooms (whatever kind you want, I used big chestnut mushrooms)
1 onion
olive oil
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
a bit of white wine (if you like it)
a bit of butter
a bit of cream (it is good even without)
pine nuts

1. Smell your mushrooms...they smell amazing :)

2. Chop them in small pieces...

3. Chop the onion and saute...add the mushrooms once onion is ready...

(small onion trick - the best out of onion you get if you rub with a bit of salt and vinegar
before you least this is how I like it...if you don't mind them being sweet add a bit
brown sugar...and they become even better :)

4. Add a bit of olive oil, not much is needed...

5. Add the wine...(if you like it...but just a bit, to take away the heat)

6. Your spoonful of butter...

7. The pine nuts, pepper or other spices you want!

8. Take off the stove, and add a bit of cream (it is delicious even without)

9. Ah forgot to say... on toasted bread please...

10. Yes, that is better..

So enjoy... in the name of those that you want to nourish in your life...the ones that
have nourished you....

From the heart,