Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bruschetta dalla Grecia (αλλά ελληνικά)

I mean who doesn't like bruschetta seriously?
If you don't I eat your pieces as well:)

Bruschetta is Italian I admit, but due to the geographical proximity can be adapted by a hungry Greek! Initially bruschetta was supposed to be garlic bread made with bread, oil and garlic. Tomato was added later on. But the good thing is you can add what you want, as i did...so enjoy my version!

What you need: 
Slices of the bread you like
Cherry tomatoes cut in half or normal tomatoes cut in cubes (don't ask me how many it depends on how hungry you are)
Feta cheese
Olives (I used black olives with a lot of soft flesh)
Olive oil

For extra something special you can add:
Brown sugar
Balsamic vinegar 

1. Gather your ingredients, wash and cut tomatoes, remove the core from the olives, mix the cheese with oregano.

2. In pan add some oil and put on very low fire

3. Add the bread and let it there for a while until it turns golden brown on both sides..

4. In a smaller pan put enough olive oil, tomatoes and garlic..

5. When it starts bubbling add the tabasco

6. The balsamic vinegar

7. The brown sugar and salt

8. And the olives with the thyme

9. Don't forget to flip the bread

10. Add the feta cheese with its oregano... and let it for a very short time..

11. Put the bread on a plate and spread your magic taste...

Enjoy with fingers only!!

From the heart,

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