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Sorry for not writing for so long but I come back with something really rewarding:)
This is a very easy profiterole recipe! It does not include the original choux with the cream filling, (which I will post another time in this blog) but it is a fast recipe that can please you equally, with its outcome!

What you need for the cream:

1 1/2 cup sugar
5-6 Tbsp cacao
500ml milk
500ml water
1 1/2 corn flour
125 gr butter
150 gr chocolate (dark)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp brandy or cognac
2 eggs

Instead of choux: Lady fingers!(12 are more than enough for this portion)

Optional: whipped cream and nuts

1. In a big pot mix the sugar with the cacao until the smooth and there are no clods

2. Add half of the water (250ml)

3. All of the milk

4. And in the rest of the water mix the corn flour until it looks like milk and add it to the cacao mix

5. Star mixing well and keep stirring to avoid clods.

6. When the mixture becomes thick and creamy take of the fire and add the butter and the chocolate, stir until well mixed and add the vanilla and brandy!

8. Mix the eggs (your mixture is still off the fire but still hot)

9. ...and add them to the cream... I know it sounds weird!! Mix very well and all the time to avoid clods and stir until the mix becomes smooth.

9. Put the plastic membrane on top and let cool! Put it as such so that it actually touches your cream! After it cools..

10. Take the lady fingers and brake them into pieces, mix with the cream and put it in the fridge

11. The more you leave it the better it becomes, since the lady fingers become moistened and their texture is rather soft than crunchy!!

Hint: One of the secrets of this recipe is to stir all the time so that the cream becomes smooth!

Spoons up & good luck!

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