Wednesday, May 6, 2009

(Swiss) Roll with condensed milk

Hi all!

Swiss Roll is something well known! This swiss roll my favorite!
It was the first time I made it and I made some mistakes but I still decided to post it so 
that you learn from my mistakes;)

What you need:
For the filling...
1 can of condensed milk
or if you want you can fill it with whatever jam you have around!

For the dough: (a friend's recipe;)
4 eggs
125 gr. sugar
125 gr. flour

1. Start by boiling the condensed milk for 2 hours with the can in a deep pot! But be careful that the can is always covered with water so that it doesn't explode!

2. After beat the 4 eggs with the sugar for 15' min!

 3. Sift the flour

4. And when the eggs and sugar become like this in the mixer...

5. Start adding the sifted flour little by little...

6. Pour the batter in a pan...NOW 1st mistake: I put it in a small pan because  I though the batter was little... PUT it in a BIGGER pan:) The outcome has to be thin...

7. 2nd mistake: Caution! Even if it looks unbaked take it out of the oven in only 15 min. It is ready even if it does not look like:) So bake at 175° C for 15 min

8. Turn it upside down on a rack to cool and remove the paper

9. This is how it should look

10. Let it cool completely!

11. After the boiling the condensed milk should look like that, golden brown...

 12. Spread it 

13. Roll it..and enjoy one heaven's taste;)
14. Enjoy a little bit more...

If i was more careful...the dough would be more thin and elastic therefore better result in rooling...But the taste was not harmed;)

From the heart,

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